10 Tips To Pick The Best Domain Name

Domain name selection is one of the most confusing and difficult task that any blogger can ever face. Which name to take?? Is it too common or is it too weird?? Will people be able to remember it?? Would it sound good?? Will my dog accept it?? So many questions!!
Don’t stress too much. I’ll help you out with this. By the end of the post, we’ll surely figure out a good name for your blog.

Things To Remember While Selecting The Best Domain Name

1. Relevance

It is obvious that your domain should be relevant to your website’s content. Though exact match domains are no longer a necessity, it would always help in SEO if you use a keyword in the domain name itself.

2. Your Domain Name is your brand

It’s the first thing a person would notice, so a good name would always catch visitors’ eye. Go creative with it. Make it memorable by using catchy words. You might even use thesaurus or domain name generating tools for help. Try to make it brandable rather than going for a generic name.

3. Short and sweet

No one is going to remember lengthy names. If you notice almost all top websites of the world have only around 6 characters(eg – GOOGLE, AMAZON etc). I know that most of the good names have already been pre registered and sold for a huge amount, keep it short with a maximum of 12 characters. Create a new word if possible to keep it between 6 to 12 characters.

4. Easy to spell and pronounce

Your domain should be easy to spell and pronounce. Keep it simple. Use simple language especially without the use of slang. The last you want your visitors is to type in the wrong name and be directed to a different website.

5. Prefer the English language

Using English words is always better than using a local word adaptation into English because that would only be understood to you language speaking area. On top of it, domain value also gets affected because of it. Eg – bloggingworld.com, and blogginkiduniya.com both have the same meaning but the latter will only be understood by people who are familiar with Hindi.

6. Only use alphabets

Avoid usage of numbers, special characters, punctuation marks etc in your domain name. People are really used to only alphabets domains, anything else would make it difficult to remember. Eg – imagine explaining a person wiki-pedia.com
The question will always be like, “Have you visited wiki-pedia.com with a hyphen between wiki and pedia?”

7. .COM extension is a must!!!!!

Although good .com domains are very few, I would advise you to brainstorm for another name rather than settling for a .net or .org. Having a .com extension is more familiar and easy to remember.

8. Check availability and trademark

Please check whether your name is available with a .com extension and also available on social media so that in future its easy for building your brand over social media. Also look whether your name is not already a trademark property of another as it would result in a lawsuit with a fine as well as loss of domain in future.
Quickly check this from www.knowem.com

9. Domain Name isn’t everything

People visit websites for the content, not for the layout or the name of your website. 99% of the visitors are directed towards you via search engines or social media where people browse content. So don’t stress too much about it.

10. Use Domain Name Generators

If nothing still cures your anxiety issues, go take help of a domain name generator. Here are some of the best DNGs

  1. www.leandomainsearch.com
  2. www.namemesh.com

I hope by now you know how to go about for a perfect domain! All the best for deciding the best domain name and an even better website.

Keep Blogging!

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