7 Reasons Why To Use(Love) WordPress

Did you know – Every 4th website in the world is made out of WordPress.

It empowers around 26% of the web. WP is the most widely used CMS with a market share of around 65%.

More than 500 websites are daily created via WordPress.

Why is there such an obsession of WordPress in the world?

Why does everyone love WordPress?

What’s so special about WordPress?

Grab a cup of coffee while I take you through the adorable things about WordPress which makes it so loved.

1. It’s FREE!!!!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? We humans will even take things which aren’t of any use if they are given away for free.

And this is the first thing which makes WordPress so lovable.

It’s an open source software meaning free to use, edit and redistribute.

2. Easy To Use

Its installation is a 1 click process. Many hosting providers give this facility also.

Once installed you can start blogging without even a single line of code.

Publishing content is as easy as updating status on Facebook.

3. Easy To Customise

WP is easy to customise with the availability of thousands of inbuilt themes.

Also, you can get thousands of free themes from other websites let alone the premium ones.

Along with that WP has more than 44,000 different plugins to choose from.

4. Its Secure

As it makes up for 26% of the market, a lot of hackers try to find loopholes in websites.

But with the regular updates provided by WordPress one is safe from this vulnerability.

WP websites are mostly hacked because of third-party plugins.

5. Flexibility

WP was earlier known to be a platform for blogging. But now it has become so flexible that any kind of website can be created via it by finding right kind of plugins and themes.

e-commerce like Amazon
Video website like YouTube
Directory website like Yelp
Blog like TechCrunch
Classified ads website like olx
Question answer forum like quora
Membership website like skillshare
Knowledge Website like Wikipedia

6. Supports All Media

WordPress supports all media from high-resolution image to an audio clip to a video. One can insert any media with just a single click!!!


Google ranks websites on basis of a lot of parameters and WP along with the presence of many SEO plugins caters to all the Google parameters.

  • WP websites are very light and thus very quick to load
  • Sitemap generation and submission can be done in just two clicks giving the search engine a structure of your site
  • Image optimisation is easy as adding a title and alt tags to images are made easy via WordPress.
  • With the ease of integration to social media, search engine gives more importance to WP sites.

Happy Blogging!!

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